Auto Body Shop: Airbags Can Be Painful

Life with Amazing Airbags  

An airbag is definitely an essential feature in any modern vehicle. They’re hidden in your dashboards, doors, and steering wheel. Because whenever it comes to reliable car safety, quite a few things are as important as airbags. It’s a really great thing there’s only a number who have been in the state where an airbag was necessary. With help of your local auto body shop, here’s why:

How do they work?

An airbag is just a thin nylon fabric that’s folded and hidden into your door panels, steering wheels, dashboards, or wherever else inside the car. While you’re driving, there’s a sensor that is working constantly in the background, checking how fast and slow you’re going. It’s what really controls the release of the airbag and if in case your sensor detects sudden deceleration, it’ll take this as a sign that there has been a crash. So once this detects a car crash, it will push the airbag to release and inflate.

They are painful.

If you’re ever in a crash that’s serious enough to trigger your airbags, you’re most likely dealing with a bit of pain from various factors that might also include your airbag. Yes, they can be painful. Airbags are made to keep you from colliding with the hardest parts of your vehicle, although sometimes, hitting it can cause broken bones. Though these things can be painful, airbags let you avoid serious injuries that you might have gotten without them. Regardless of whether the airbags were triggered or not, it’s smart to have them checked out by a professional. It’s basically a matter of security and safety, so have the entirety of your car checked thoroughly.

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