Give Your Car a New Look!

Give Your Car a New Look!  

Vehicle Painting Tips

If you have a small or medium-sized vehicle, you will need around one gallon of base coat or primer, around three gallons of topcoat, and for a clear coat, you will need three gallons. If you own a larger vehicle like a truck or a trailer, you will need four gallons of topcoat, around two gallons of base coat, and four gallons of clear-coat lacquer. While these amounts might be a bit on the bigger side, having excess paint products is always useful, especially if you commit an error in some areas. If you are ready, then here are some tips to help with your vehicle painting project.

Once you have done all of the preparations such as cleaning your car and applying the primer, then it is now time to paint your car. Mix your paint with the thinners using the recommended portions that are printed in the paint can. Make sure that you use the same spraying technique as what you used when applying the primer. Just like the primer, it should not take you longer than 10 minutes to apply paint per panel. You should take around 20 minutes to an hour to allow the paint to cure between applications.

Apply around three to four coats while using the recommended drying time that is printed on the can of the paint that you are using. Before you apply the last coat, make sure to remove any powdery residue using your 2000-grit sandpaper and wipe everything down using a clean rag. After, repeat the previous two steps using your clear-coat lacquer.

Make sure to remove the masking tape that you used to cover some areas that you did not want the paint to be applied on before the clear coat dries. However, be careful to not get any tape stuck on the wet paint. After, you can let the clear coat cure depending on the recommended time. Once the clear coat is cured, make sure to look around your car and inspect for runs and other imperfections. It is always crucial that after you do the vehicle painting that you inspect everything. This is where you make use of the excess paint products that you have.

If you think vehicle painting is too much of a task that you can handle on your own, call Bloomington Collision Center today at (952) 888-6656 and schedule an appointment to have your car repainted. We are based in Minneapolis, MN where we are one of the trusted car painters in the area.

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