How to Stay Safe This Winter

How to Stay Safe This Winter  

Auto Body Shop Tips on How to Stay Safe When Driving on Snow and Ice


Even though our auto body shop, Bloomington Collision Center, is in business to fix repairs, we still like to see our clients safe while on the road. Which is why we compiled this blog to ensure this happens. The contact your tire tread makes with the pavement is what allows drivers to control their cars down the road. However, the likes of ice and snow will greatly reduce this traction, which can often result in your car losing contact with the road. Tire experts recommend you have at least 6/32 of-an-inch tire tread in order to properly grip the road surface. In regions which experience heavy snowfall, we advise that you install winter tires that are specifically designed for cold-weather conditions.


The biggest mistake almost every driver makes on icy roads is to drive too fast. The faster you go, the less contact your tires will have on the surface, which means it will take you longer to stop. Plus, do not think having a 4-wheel drive means you will not skid out of control. So when you see ice and snow, make sure you slow down.


Most drivers tend to slam on their brakes when they start to skid on ice, this is a mistake, as it will make your vehicle spin more out of control. Instead, try practicing how to counter a skid by using the methods listed below:

Front-wheel skid. This is considered the easiest of the two, and to counteract it, release the accelerator, leave your hands where they are, and let the vehicle slow down by itself. By stamping on the brake or turning the wheel it will make the situation worse.

Rear-wheel skid. This is also called fishtailing and occurs when your vehicle’s rear end veers to the right or left. When you are dealing with a right side skid, slightly turn your wheel to the right. Try not to turn sharply, as this could result in a more serious spin. You will have to slightly correct the skid in order to straighten your vehicle. Also, never brake sharply, just slowly back off your accelerator.

We hope that you stay safe this winter. However, if you need an auto body shop in Minneapolis, MN, remember to call us first today at (952) 888-6656.

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