Is Your Car Having Problems Starting in the Mornings?

Is Your Car Having Problems Starting in the Mornings?  

Tips on How to Find the Best Auto Body Shop

It is not unusual for estimates from numerous

auto body shop

facilities to vary wildly. One may give you an estimate for $500 while another will want $2,000 for the same work. So what exactly is the difference? And when will it be acceptable to choose the cheaper option?


Any business can advertise, however, you would do better-getting word of mouth referrals from the likes of friends, family or acquaintances on local body shops. As they are businesses which have a proven record of customer satisfaction. Even though some of them are not the biggest or best-known shop in the area.

Consider the Location and Overheads

Larger auto body shops that have multiple front-office workers will generally cost more in order to pay their staff. While service delivered by managers and foremen does give some people more confidence in the business, it will often result in estimates which have been padded with non-essential work. When they are charging more for their labor hours, your final bill can tot up quite fast.

Asking the Right Questions

When you are looking for a professional

auto body shop

, you should never go in with your wallet open, you need to be smarter than that. Which is why you need to ask pertinent and smart questions. Such as will the shop give you a written warranty? And if so, how long for? What will this warranty cover? A one-year warranty is the

absolute minimum any shop will give, some shops do offer lifetime warranties as a good selling point, however, this is not really realistic. Many of the stipulations and conditions of these warranties are more restrictive than most people can adhere to, which means these kinds of warranties are useless. Finally, always trust your intuition about any body shop you

are considering. For people that live and work around the Minneapolis, MN area, please call Bloomington Collision Center today at (952) 888-6656.

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