Never Been Involved in an Auto Accident Before?

Never Been Involved in an Auto Accident Before?  

Questions and Things to Consider Before Allowing

a Car Collision Repair Body Shop Near Your Vehicle

When you are looking for a

car collision repair

shop, you need to find out what kind of warranty they give on their repair work? And if they do provide a warranty, find out how long it lasts for and what exactly it covers.

Does the repair shop provide rental or loaner vehicles? Most people will need some form of transport when their car is in the body shop, so you need to make sure you have either a rental, loaner or courtesy car. Some have a car rental facility onsite or at least close to their facility. Other auto body repair shops could provide either a loaner or a courtesy car which you can use while they are repairing yours.

When there is any pre-rental agreement, make sure you read it carefully. Take pictures of the car before you leave the shop, and, most reputable shops will not object to this. Make sure you jot down the mileage too.

Ask how long the repair will take? This is the first question we at Bloomington Collision Center are asked. Sadly, there is no definitive answer to this, as each case is different. Meaning, there are several factors which can affect the length of time it will take, such as how bad the repair is, and how busy the

car collision repair

shop is at that time.

Additional factors can often include the level of experience the technicians’ have, the quality of the repair shop’s parts procurement process is, and the channels which the parts are acquired, for example, do they deal with any suppliers and manufacturers, or only with auto junkyards? Also, when possible, try to check out what their equipment is like, is it state-of-the-art or antiquated?

So, if you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident, and live in or around the Minneapolis, MN area, then call us now at (952) 888-6656 for an appointment.

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