Top Tools Used in Vehicle Painting Service

Understanding the Auto Painting Job  

Unlike painting the wall or ceiling of your home, painting an entire automobile is more exhausting and time-consuming since it is done repetitively. To achieve impeccable results, it is best to call a vehicle painting service provider. Some of us may know how the task is done, but only a few are familiar with the tools used by the experts. To understand how they deliver quality service, proceed in reading this webpage.

Spray Gun

The spray gun is the most essential auto painting tool. It gets the job done timely and with precision. Most auto painting professionals use gravity-fed spray guns because it releases low pressure and creates less overspray. In addition, they can be easily carried around, which is also perfect for home service.

Air Compressor

Most spray guns today require the use of air compressors to deliver a precise and efficient output. The highly recommended air compressor for vehicle painting is the one with a 60-gallon receiver tank. Just like the spray gun, auto painters highly consider using lightweight and portable air compressors for easy movements when working around automobiles.

Electric Orbit Sander

Before the painting job starts, sanding must be done first to remove the old and worn-out paints. Experts use an electrical orbital sander to save a massive amount of time and effort. It has circular pads that move in an orbital direction instead of rotating at a high-speed and is available in different sizes and power ranges.

Body Filler or Glazing Putty

If auto painters notice dents or nicks on the surface of your car after the sanding process, they will use a body filler or glazing putty to cover them up. Aside from providing an even and smooth surface, this tool is key to the flawless paint finish that you wished for. The body filler comes in two types — for metal and plastic use.

These are the top four auto painting tools used by experts when providing your car with a fresh look. Bloomington Collision Center is the contractor you can count on when it comes to a professional and safe vehicle painting service in Minneapolis, MN. For your booking requests and inquiries, (952) 888-6656 is the number you should call.

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