What Happens After a Collision?

What Happens After a Collision?  

The Vehicle Collision Repair Process Explained

These days, millions of drivers rely on their vehicles for their transportation needs. So, it’s no surprise that so many car crashes are recorded. But this is a big concern not only for car owners but also for vehicle collision repair technicians. How exactly do they help in such situations?

Every collision repair process goes through certain steps. After the accident, the vehicle is taken to a repair center and thoroughly inspected to estimate the degree of damage. After the technicians examine the condition of the automobile they will know what parts are necessary for the body repair, they order those parts from professional vendors. The parts are delivered to the shop, and the technicians are obliged to keep you updated on the case. Skilled specialists carry out all the structural and body repairs. The old and damaged body parts are disassembled, and the car is prepared for the next step. It is at this stage that any hidden damage is taken into consideration. Any hidden damage requires scheduling the team to re-inspect and order additional parts if necessary.

The body repair work itself may include anything from replacing the whole body panel to performing small fixes. Using specialized tools, the technicians might be required to permanently join two sheet metal panels together to restore the appearance and strength of the vehicle’s outer structure. Auto body experts can quickly and efficiently select the correct tools and material for the job to create truly uniform joints. A computer-based measurement system can be also used to analyze the frame of your vehicle, enabling them to accurately return your vehicle to manufacturer requirements.

After all the repairs are complete, the last stages include the reassembly and repainting. The parts of the body panel are reassembled, and the experts perform quality repainting to ensure the original color is restored, or they may apply a brand-new finish instead.

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