Who Determines if a Car Is Worth Repairing?

Who Determines if a Car Is Worth Repairing?  

What Does an Auto Collision Repair Center Estimator Do?

When a vehicle gets damaged from an accident, fire or some other form of natural disaster, a collision estimator is a person who will determine the extent of the damage. They will decide if the vehicle is worthy of a visit to an auto collision repair center such as Bloomington Collision Center, or needs to be replaced entirely. Several methods are used to make this determination, that will include the bank loan value book, reports of other local vehicle sales, and the repair costs.

The latter is usually compared to the replacement cost of a vehicle in order to determine the amount of repair which will be allowed for an incident by the insurance agency estimator. Basically, when an estimator works for a dealership, they will be responsible for determining the cost estimate for repairs. The estimate will be given to a member of the sales staff and then weighed against the purchase of another vehicle.

This can often be used as an effective sales tool for some dealerships. Due to the fact the amount of trade-ins is often the same when the repair is done or not. And the customer is given the impression that the trade-in value is greater than it actually is, making the option of buying a new vehicle more appealing.

It is common practice also for most dealerships to reduce the price of the repair when a new vehicle sale is not on the cards, this is done so the repair will be performed by them in their auto collision repair center. Most collision estimator jobs will include a training period which will involve the new employee attending an estimator school.

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